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Company Philosophy
Since the brand founded, our philosophy has been to bring innovative and high-quality product portfolio to our customers.With this philosophy,we consistently tailor our created unit with newly technology.It has helped our company grown with our customer and become one of most trusted supplier in automotive parts and accessories – worldwide.
Today with shared conditions for coordinated development,distribution partners,workshop customers and BASCOLIN are in a position to take their full advantage, further optimize their functions and goals, and pursue mutual improvement and joint development in the new period.

We're a global enterprise devoted to offer overall solution in diesel systems so that passenger cars,commercial vehicles and locomotive can be equiped with cleaner and greener power.
Every company advertise their quality.In BASCOLIN,we don't advertise.We demonstrate it from every single parts. You will see it from the performance in your engine.

To achieve quality assurance,BASCOLIN continues to study,plan and improve to prevents errors or rather minimises their occurrence.

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Environmental protection
It's our duty to bring a cleaner environment.
BASCOLIN introduced common rail diesel products that will clean up the act of an engine.

Sustainability at BASCOLIN
Customer satisfaction
We know that customers don't just want products,they want the overall solutions.
We study their requirement and solve them with clear understanding from products range,technic data and professional operating instruction.Our continuous pursue on customer satisfaction will lead us big success in in the market.
Shiv Kashyap
Associate Commodity Manager for Delphi Diesel Systems
  After going through your company I strongly believe your area of expertise in this field would see broader relevance with our strategic procurement requirements and form strategic alliance for our ever growing demand for our rotor heads, nozzles, control valve, cap nuts, plungers and other diesel fuel injection parts.
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Continuous improvement
In order to stay forefront in the market,we always introduce latest technology and
high tech talent for continuous improvement to our products and service.
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