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As BASCOLIN's official distribution partner,you will benefit from our 360° full-service during the entire service life of our products. We bring together comprehensive expertise in diesel technology with service to offer the strong support.

Pre-sale Support
In the whole chain of marketing and sales system, pre-sales service is the link between marketing and sales, which plays a crucial role and cannot be ignored.It aims to assist customers to analyze their request so that our brand products can best meet their needs.

Through Pre-sale support,you will not only receive the relevant information in the your local market,but also find out the trend products in the near future.

With BASCOLIN's Pre-sale support,you will quickly verify the products application to yoru vehicles or engine. Meanwhile we can also assist you to find out the related replacement parts for OE company in our system.
Detailed information of BASCOLIN brand products can be found on the Products and in the product catalogs.
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Sale Support
Our excellent in-sale service will provide customers with a sense of enjoyment, thus can enhance the product knowledge of our brand.
Professional guidance
With decades of experience and market intelligence in diesel system,we provide you a great deal of information in BASCOLIN brand. We will help you to verify the real products you need which will be cost-effective.
Professional guidance
In order for active sales of our BASCOLIN products,we would gladly shares our communication and marketing measures.There will be a whole set of solutions,including planning, organisation, implementation and evaluation of sales and events, promotion and raffles.

Besides our official distribution partner can also enjoy the priority of taking POS material, flyers for free. With this individual partner campaigns,you can easily cut your marketing cost while help increase your sales. In addition, we offer authorized distribution partners a license to use BASCOLIN's logos, tech data and images for joint marketing campaigns or to integrate in their online shop.
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Aftersale Support
As a reputable brand in diesel fuel system,BASCOLIN attachs great importance to after-sales service which is the indication of the synthetic quality of enterprise. For us, after-sales support has never been a slogan, but the inevitable choice to move forward and also practice the pursuit of customer satisfaction.
Warranty Claims
The trust in the BASCOLIN branded products is rewarded with warranty in the whole supply chain.
Should a problem arise with our branded products within the warranty period, we will assist you with help and advice.
As a distribution partner,please kindly contact your exclusive sales specialist for the quick processing of returns.
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